Afterlight 2 Free APK

Afterlight 2 Free APK is one of the hits for Photos and Video apps. The app is the latest version of the popular photo editor, Afterlight. The app was officially published in Apt Store at the end of 2017, but is expected to be one of the most popular photo editors in 2018.

Afterlight 2 design is cleaner and more modern than ever. The application has a new and even more colorful logo. Added new features and filters as well as camera tools to make your photos even more impressive when you show them to your friends and relatives through social networks or on your phone.

Now with the click of a few clicks, you can transform your picture or landscape into a work of art. Afterlight 2 Free has filters and tools that are specially selected and tuned to change the look of images in a very professional way. Opening the app will allow you to choose from your existing phone pictures or use the built-in camera that offers a wide variety of tools to capture the perfect photo.

Once you’ve selected a photo to edit the app, it gives you a lot of new and improved image enhancement capabilities. Easily add text. The text may be in a different font pre-set in the application. You can easily change the color and text position of the screen.

With the triangle color icon in the middle of the lower menu, you can choose between a variety of filters, create collections of filters, and also modify the existing ones to achieve the optimum result.

Afterlight 2 App, like any other free photo editor, has tools for expressing and rotating and resizing images to help you show your photo in all beauty by removing unnecessary objects. All the actions you take on the photos are recorded in a story that you can easily use to hide previous actions. The application also supports Layers and the addition of a double exporter, this new technique that can make your photos irresistible.

The application can be downloaded from App Store for your iPhone or Android phone.

Do not be afraid anymore and try this incredible tool to create blueprints.

Download Afterlight 2 Free APK

By downloading the APK file on your phone, you will be able to install the app and create incredible photos to share on social networks without any problem.

The application is available for download free of charge thanks to the tutu app site.

Afterlight 2 APK file


Afterlight 2 APK

What is APK and how to install one?

What is APK File?

An .APK file is a Android Application Package file similar to that of the .EXE files used for installing programs on Windows. The only difference is that .APK files are designed to be used exclusively on android device and you maybe required to download additional files before you can run the application in android. You can also download .APK files direct from some app websites like Afterlight. To install an .APK file first go into Settings -> Application and check unknown sources. Then you can install the .APK file in the file manager.

Afterlight 2 APK

Afterlight 2 APK for Android phone

We all want to edit our favorite photos to become more beautiful and look great. This would normally require a professional expert in photo editing software to edit pictures.

What Afterlight 2 APK Photo Editor offers you is the opportunity to edit your pictures without having to be a professional photo editor. Afterlight 2 photo editor online has very amazing effects and filters that will help you improve your photos without having to pay anything.

Afterlight 2 APK for Android is a universal application available for android and iOS. It’s easily downloadable from Google Play store. If you have APK you can also get the app in .APK extension. To give their users more editing opportunities, camera360 is also available online through

Afterlight 2 APK file

Afterlight 2 APK is the ultimate tool that can be used by anyone who wishes to post great photos on social media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. This way he can generate more likes and have more followers.